Portsmouth Village – Public facilities are limited. Village paths are unpaved and of soft sand. A few of the historic buildings are open seasonally to the public. These are: the historic Salter/Dixon house, the Post Office/General Store, the School, the Church and the Life Saving Station. All have steps at the entrance. If steps can be managed, the main level of each can be viewed. Restrooms are located inside the Salter/Dixon house and compost toilets are located on the far side of the village beyond the historic Coast Guard Station on the road to the beach.

Portsmouth Village is located south of Ocracoke Island, across Ocracoke Inlet on the north end of North Core. Access to the village is by personal boat, passenger ferry from Ocracoke, or vehicle ferry from Atlantic, North Carolina.

From Ocracoke, NC: Rudy Austin runs a passenger ferry from Ocracoke to Portsmouth Village. Telephone: 252-928-4361

From Atlantic, NC: Morris Marina Kabin Kamps and Ferry Service runs a vehicle and passenger ferry from Atlantic to the south end of North Core. You will then have to drive 16 miles on the beach to reach Portsmouth Village. You should read the Park’s Information on Beach Driving first. If you would like to stay a couple of days you can also rent a cabin. Telephone: 252-225-4261