Written for Homecoming by Dorothy Byrum Bedwell

O God, Our Father, we thank you for the
privilege of coming home, again, to Portsmouth Island.
We have come together to remember, to share fellowship,
and to celebrate our ties with this special island.

You are the Creator of all that is beautiful and
holy. You know the thoughts of our hearts and the
memories that come alive as we meet together in this
sacred and historic place.

Thank you for the beauty and the spirit of this
quite place where, in days past, a thriving community
once lived. Thank you for all who have lived here who
have experienced the basic, honest and good life
in harmony with the wind and sea…

Our Father, make us aware and appreciative of
the rich history of our North Carolina coastlands.
Rekindle within us gratitude and joy, as we are
reminded of the heritage which is ours. Strengthen our
efforts to protect and perpetuate this heritage for our
children and grandchildren, and generations who will
learn to love and respect this heritage.